Our operations
are transparent. That is why people
believe in us.

We work with youth ranging from ages 12 to 17. The Life Skills Academies start at age 12, followed by the Job Skills Programmes at age 15, the common age where youth around the world start part-time work while in high school.

The Life Skills Programs cost less than £200 per student per year. The Job Skills Programs on average costs less than £100 per student.

8,000 youth in our programs for the year 2023. Programs include arts, media, sports, and job skills training. Last year, approximately 6,000 have gone through our Life Skills Academies and 2,000 have completed our Job Skills training. Our aim for 2025 was to reach over 25,000 but through our donor’s support we have already reached more than 27,900 students since launching.

Our programs inspire India’s youth to stay in school, changing their life trajectory. Students acquire valuable life and jobs skills, which are critical as they pursue higher education and enter the professional workforce in the future.

For less than £1 per day…

If you have followed our organization since before January, 2018, you may have noticed a change in our name and branding! Why the change?
The answer is simple - to clearly represent the impactful work we are doing:
India - Our programs now span across India, not just the Mumbai metro area.
Youth - We work with at risk youth aged 12-17, the common age at which slum youth abandon their education to meagerly contribute to the family income.
Fund - With your help, we fund programs with a common mission to empower youth through education & skills, breaking the cycle of generational poverty.