Sun Shine Health And Welfare Society

Sun Shine Health and Welfare Society was formed with the intention is to uplift the lives of underprivileged people who grow with inadequate education, healthcare, resources and psychological support. Based primarily in Delhi, the Society aims to bring change in the lives of children, young and vulnerable individuals -men and women by facilitating their education, healthcare, life skills and orientation towards health and hygiene to improve their life span.

Sun Shine Health & Social Welfare Society 163, Phase III,
Madanpur Khadar J.J.Colony, New Delhi 110076
Ph - 9811688982

Proposed Project

Youth Healthcare Awareness Project

Informal settlements in Delhi face serious healthcare and hygiene issues, partly due to lack of awareness among community members themselves. Sun Shine Health & Welfare Society aims to address this situation by actively engaging with the community and implementing innovative programs through which healthcare advocacy can be administered. The project aims to reach out marginalised urban youth among the 70000 residents in the settlement of Madanpur Khadar, and deliver to them relevant healthcare information in two primary focus areas – HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C; and Maternal and Child Healthcare; through accessible means such as street plays, workshops and fun learning games. The project aims to bring about sustained improvements and healthcare and hygiene standards in informal settlements in Delhi through advocacy and sensitization channels that interact directly with disadvantaged urban youth.

Project Co-ordinator: Asim Abbassi
Location: New Delhi

Project Documents