South Asian Forum For Environment

South Asian Forum for Environment works to achieve sustainable environment development towards poverty alleviation through community based interventions, ensuring equity and reciprocity. The organisation envisages global partnership and participatory policy frame for commons to promote conservation and wise use of natural resources.

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Kolkata 700075
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Proposed Project

Vertical Greens in Urban Environments as Career Corridors for Disadvantaged Youth

Today, there is a huge demand to create vertical greens in the city in order to enhance the aesthetic quality of the environment. The project aims to create vertical gardens as well as incorporate inclusivity in the project by ensuring community participation. The 12-month project proposes to provide an employment opportunity to 60 disadvantaged educated youth and suitably train them to extend this micro-utility service. The project hopes to accomplish its goals by developing vertical green in multi-housing complexes and office premises in Newtown-Rajarhaat area of Kolkata metropolis in exchange of a service fee.

The objective is
(i) To sustain the livelihood of urban poor youth with dignity and
(ii) To preserve urban micro-environment.

The youth will be trained in gardening, nursery and seedling preparation, plant nutrition and vermin compost, micro-irrigation rooftop rainwater harvesting and interior designing. The project beneficiaries will be linked to local banking services and organised as a business group. The team will visit housing and office complexes to collect orders, install corniche gardens, rooftop greenery and poly-houses. as requested. They will also supply seeds and extend maintenance services after installation. Urban productivity and green co-efficient will increase with low water intensive concrete greenery that reduces heat radiation and sequesters urban emission.

Project Co-ordinator: Amrita Chatterjee
Location: Kolkata

Project Documents