Jeeva Karunya Trust

Jeeva Karunya Trust is an action-oriented, youth-led organisation with a mission to train youths in sustainable development, promote humanitarian values and work towards collectively maintaining ecological balance. The organisation targets the empowerment of tribes, gypsies, youth, women, and children in backward communities, as well as, champions the cause of preservation of forests and wildlife in partnership with Self Help Groups and Non-Governmental Organisations.

107-B Nehru Nagar Palika Thottam,
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Coimbatore 641006
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Proposed Project

National Snakebite Initiative

The burden of human suffering caused by snake bites has been greatly ignored for far too long in India. Snakebite (Envenoming) is a particularly cruel misery inflicted on many of the most impoverished rural agricultural communities, who lack the financial backup and basic awareness required to deal with this problem. Thousands of snakebite victims die, or are permanently maimed. However, due to unreliable statistical data, interventions fall short.

The National Snakebite Initiative believes rural campaigns must be established to directly impact the problems of snakebite envenoming in rural locations. This will be achieved through Snakebite Campaign Outreach and Envenomation Surveys, which will be integrated in hospitals for a period of 12 months. Widespread snake safety training programmes, snakebite prevention and control, first aid, emergency management information provision among government officials, tribal youth and women are a key element of the initiative.

Project Co-ordinator: Dilip Kumar
Location: Coimbatore

Project Documents