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The Design Research Publication Cell at Balwant Sheth School of Architecture (BSSA) is a platform for faculty, graduates and students to engage in diverse collaborative endeavours. DRP is a laboratory that conducts multi-scalar research and experimentation in the fields of design, architecture and urbanism that can help society to adapt to dynamic environmental paradigms.

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Proposed Project


Far(M)ore aims at making the city a centre of production through urban farming initiatives whilst overcoming the lack of greenery in the city. Far(M)ore identified low-rise, high-spread settlements with large expanses of roof within the city. These roofs within settlements are sites, where roof farming can take place. This innovation thus creates a local loop of production and consumption of farm products. Far(M)ore aims at teaching urban-farming methods to 40-50 slum dwellers to enable them to earn additional income, and replicate the same low-cost low-maintenance model in other slum pockets of the city. The programme seeks to instil entrepreneurial skills in the residents so that they are able to sustain themselves in the process.

The site for this project is a hilly slum settlement within the city of Mumbai. Two demographic groups — young housewives and youth (studying and low-wage employed) have been identified and an analysis of their daily schedules has been carried out. The analysis suggests that housewives are free from mid-morning to late-evening, youth between 15-20 years of age are free in evenings and the group aged between 20-30 years are free early mornings and weekends. These slots allow flexible caretaking of modular rooftop farms, which require only periodic maintenance once seeds are sown. The staggered hilly rooftops allow direct sunlight and easy watering on the farms.

DRP will provide a kit-of-parts, which can be installed by inhabitants themselves; in addition to manure, seeds, drainage systems, local markets etc. Urban farming consultants will provide assistance and have agreed to work at nominal rates to advise the residents on a short to medium term basis. Their role as co-ordinators will involve providing building expertise and periodic visits over 9-12 months, (after which they expect the project to be self-sustaining), to propose improvements and identify other sites for this initiative.

Project Co-ordinator: Gaurav Sardana
Location: Mumbai,Maharashtra

Project Documents