Science For Society

Science for Society is an interdisciplinary group from different disciplines of engineering, medical sciences and business management studies. CareMother aims to lower maternal mortality, increase institutional access and spread health awareness in informal settlements through a technology-based and community-led programme.

G-9, Hanuman Industrial Estate,
G.D.Ambekar Marg Near Ram Mandir,
Wadala, Mumbai – 400 031, Maharashtra
Ph - 9890-400-394

Proposed Project

CareMother - Mobile Pregnancy Care

An estimated 90 per cent of pregnancy-related deaths in rural and urban slums are believed to be avoidable. CareMother aims to lower this worrying figure by implementing a community-led intervention that relies on independently developed technology. The program entails delivering of maternity healthcare workshops to 100 young women in an informal settlement in Mumbai. Of these, 20 will be equipped with and trained to use digital tool kits that employ mobile- and web-based applications to administer basic pathology tests and connect to institutional networks. The 20 healthcare workers will be able to use these toolkits to develop an entrepreneurship models through which cost-effective healthcare access can be offered to over 25000 expecting mothers. The project has been piloted previously in the slums of Govandi and will now aim to scale-up.

Project Co-ordinator: Shantanu Pathak
Location: Mumbai

Project Documents