Light Innovative Organization For Rights

Light Innovative Organisation for Rights aims to address the issues of the excluded and discriminated Transgender Community. They act as facilitators for youth cooperation towards peace and development.

No 40/9 Lake Street, Kolathur,
Chennai 636303
Ph - 9176 899 091

Proposed Project

Risk Empowering and Rehabilitating Transgender Youth

The project aims to empower transgender youth in Chennai by improving their access to community colleges, as well as advocating for their rights. The project will train transgender youth in life skills and technical skills through in-house intensive training related to employment and entrepreneurship. The project will also work towards securing government and corporate employment for transgender youth. Through this project, the LIOR hopes to bring together individuals from different sectors to create a City Based Lobby Group to work towards a National Comprehensive Policy to recognise and rehabilitate the millions of transgender in India.
Light Innovative Organization for Rights was founded on the premise that every individual can affect positive changes in his or her environment on a community level. The organisation aims to facilitate youth co-operation for peace, social inclusion and development; and address the issues of the transgender community, which has been forgotten on the path of social and economic progress. A youth-oriented initiative, Light Innovative Organization for Rights believes in promoting the rights of those discriminated against in society, training them to empower themselves, address injustices and strengthen their self-reliance to build a better social environment for existence.

Project Co-ordinator: R. Silas
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Project Documents